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Full text of "The Letters Of Horace Walpole Vol I"

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DEAR GEOEQE,                           'King's College, May 30, 1786.
You show me in. the prettiest manner how much you like Petroniua Arbiter; I have heard you commend him, but I am more pleased with your tacit approbation of writing, like him, prose interspersed with verse. I shall send you soon in return some poetry interspersed with prose; I mean the Cambridge congratulationx with the notes, as you desired. I have transcribed the greatest part of what was tolerable at the coffee-houses; but by most of what you will find, you will hardly think I have left anything worse behind. There is lately come out a new piece, called A Dialogue between Philemon and Hydaspes on false Eeligion, by one Mr. Coventry2, A.M. and fellow, formerly fellow commoner, of Magdalen. He is a young man, but 'tis really a pretty thing. If you can't get it in town, I will send it with the verses. He accounts for superstition in a new manner, and I think a just one; attributing it to disappointments in love. He don't resolve it all into that bottom; ascribes it almost wholly as the source of female enthusiasm; and I dare say there's ne'er a girl from the age of fourteen to four-and-twenty, but will subscribe to his principles, and own, if the dear man was dead that she loves, she would settle all her affections on heaven,— whither he was gone.
Who would not be an Artemisia, and raise the stately mausoleum to her lord; then weep and watch incessant over it like—the Ephesian matron3?
LETTIB 10.—* The Gratulatio of the University of Cambridge on the marriage of the Prince of Wales, to which Horace "Walpole contributed a copy of Latin verses.
2 Nephew of- the J&ffch Earl of Coventry; d. 1752.
s Here follows in the MS. but cancelled:—' Quandoquidem data sunt ipsis quoque fata sepnlchris.'